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Clinics & Events

Our Free Clinics and Events set the
Stage for Outdoor Adventure

Clinics, events, and awesome people!

Take part in fun clinics and events designed especially for your outdoor way of life. Join us regularly for hands-on, educational clinics in-shop, and join us in the Alpharetta community as we sponsor local events. All of our informative clinics are held at our downtown Alpharetta location.

You will find our upcoming clinic and event dates and times listed below! Feel free to call our shop at 678-762-0027 with any questions about a clinic or event.

Upcoming Schedule - 2017

Flyfishing 101 *FREE*
Tuesday Apr. 4th @7pm  
Have you ever thought about trying your hand at flyfishing but didn't know where to begin? Our popular Flyfishing 101 clinic is the perfect opportunity to learn about this exciting and enjoyable sport! In this free two-hour clinic, you'll explore the basics of flyfishing:

* What is fly fishing?
* How do I cast a fly rod?
* What kind of gear will I need?
* What about flies...which ones do I need?
* Will I need waders and other accessories?
* Where can I fish, and what will I catch?

This clinic is presented by noted fly fishing teacher and author Steve Hudson. Steve has led fly fishing clinics from Alaska to Florida and has taught hundreds of people the art of fly fishing. He's also the author of more than 20 books, including the acclaimed "101" series of introductory fly fishing guides. 
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Spey Casting Instruction w/Capt. John McCloskey
Learn to throw the sexy loops only a two hand rod can create! Wether it is in preparation for your steelhead trip this fall, you want to round out your trout bum resume, or your interested in the applications of swung flies in our southern streams this class will get you casting a 7wt spey. John McCloskey will be providing instruction for this class, it promises to be an incredible experience. 

 Individual Full Day Instruction - $400


Nymphing 101 Clinic w/Steve Hudson
Tuesday-March 21st, 7-9pm
It's often noted that trout do as much as 80-90 percent of their feeding subsurface, and the key to connecting with those trout is what fly fishers call "nymphing" - the fine art of fishing with subsurface imitations of immature aquatic insects.  This program will demystify nymphing for you and will share many proven techniques for fishing with nymphs, emergers and other such patterns.  You'll learn how to pick flies, see why some flies work when others don't, learn how to set up a nymphing rig, discover how to "read" and fish good nymphing water, and much more!
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Midge Tying Workshop w/Stephen Thomasovich ($30)
Thursday-March 23rd, 6:30-9pm

Join us Thursday evening to learn the secrets of midge tying with Stephen Thomasovich of Big T Fly Fishing.  Stephen will be giving instruction on several effective midge patterns including his Moonshine, Cannonball, Motor Oil Midge and more.  All materials will be provided.  Bring your own vise and tying tools and learn how to tie and fish some new patterns that are sure to add some variety to your midge aresenal!

*None of these patterns are overly complex but some tying experience is required*

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Intro to Fly Tying w/Steve Hudson ($30)
Tuesday-March 28th, 6:30-9pm
Have you ever wanted to get started in fly tying but didn’t know where to begin? Look no further. Alpharetta Outfitter’s Fly Tying 101 class, taught by expert tyer and fly tying author Steve Hudson, is the ideal place to start. It’s the perfect opportunity to learn essential basic tying skills and techniques in a relaxed and enjoyable setting. Along the way you’ll create several flies that you can use on the water in the future, and you’ll set the stage for what just might become a lifelong passion too! Tools, tying supplies and instructional materials are provided for use in the workshop. All you need to bring is excitement about learning something new…and of course a fly box in which to put the flies that you’ll be tying!
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AO Bugs and Suds!
Thursday-March 30th, 6-8pm 
Bugs and Suds is a gathering of tiers sitting down to tie flies, swap stories, and enjoy a cold beverage. Bring your vice, tools, and tying materials and we'll provide the rest. This months event will be hosted at the shop. Come one come all! No reservation required. 



"Spey Week" Spey Casting Instruction April 22-23rd ($1095-includes spey setup!)
 w/Capt. John McCloskey
 Imagine National Geographic Shark Week, but 512x more exhilarating.  This class is an extended take on our full day spey instruction but allows you to better hone your two hand casting skills while providing you with your very own 7wt spey combo (Redington Chromer/Sage 3210) to take home!  Limited spaces available so call the shop today or reserve your spot online!
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Interest in Future Euro-Nymphing Clinics ($75)   
TBD, 8-11am @Buford Dam 
These 3 hour on water clinics with Stephen Tomasovich and Gordon Vanderpool are offered for the angler with and without former experience in the technique.  The "Beginning Euro-Nymphing" clinic will go over when and where to use the technique, proper equipment, rigging and leader set ups,  fly patterns, and provide on the water training.  By the end of this clinic each participant should be able to apply this technique on future fishing trips.  Some rods will be available but participants should bring their own.  We will provide a basic nymphing leader with built in sighter.  The "Advanced Euro-Nymphing" clinic is for the angler with experience in the technique who wants to up his or her game.  High level leader set up and advanced casting and line management skills will be demonstrated and taught on the water.  Anglers signing up for this class should have appropriate gear.
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Steve HudsonSteve Hudson
Fly Fishing & Fly Tying Instructor

Steve Hudson has been fly fishing for more than four decades. An award-winning journalist, he's written extensively about fly fishing and fly tying. He is the author of many books and creator of several best-selling tying kits. All of Steve's products can be found here. To contact Steve directly, you can email him at or visit